Media Mentions

CES Innovation Awards 2019 Honoree

Manchester Evening News Review on Cobra SC 400D

"Cobra is a brand that knows its car tech very well, it's been around for 50 years and driver safety is clearly still top of its agenda."

"And it's not as if Cobra isn't offering a lot of bang for your buck with the SC400D. It might be pricey, but it really is a complete package."

Forbes über die Cobra SC 201

"Cobra’s SC 201 smart dashcam ($180) simultaneously records and monitors a vehicle’s front and interior, in full high-definition 1080p video."

"Infrared cabin night vision adds crystal-clear footage of the car’s interior in the dark, on the 2-inch LCD screen or smartphone app."

PC World on Cobra SC 201

“The exterior nightvideo, especially, is unsurpassed in its ability to show details in darksurroundings…”


“It’s well worth themoney for what you get…”


“The SC 201’s video isgenerally top-tier…”


“There’s a startlingamount of detail revealed in the exterior night capture…”


“Interior captures arealso first-rate, capturing plenty of detail…”

Reader's Digest on Cobra SC Dash Cams

"They’ll love the feeling of safety even when they’re hitting the road alone because this Cobra Smart Dash Camera for cars offers full HD 1080P video recording, interior camera capabilities, built-in WiFi, embedded GPS, and a 16 GB SD card that’ll make your phone jealous."

Sailing World on Cobra MR HH600

“This pint-sized comms device is packed with features that take it well beyond your trusty old-school handheld”


“Small, powerful, and loaded with features, the Cobra HH600 floating VHF is ideal for raceboats large and small”