The Advantages of Walkie Talkies - Cobra

Two-way radios are a common sight amongst builders on construction sites, emergency workers, military personnel, and in a variety of transportation services. But walkie talkies offer a huge number of advantages to everyone, both professionally and in everyday life. Mobile phones may be ubiquitous, but they cannot always offer the immediate communication of a two-way radio.
Here are just a few of the advantages having a walkie talkie offers:
  1. No minutes required: With a two-way radio, you don't need to sign up for mobile service or worry about topping up your credit.
  2. No dropped calls: Whether you're travelling, camping, or just in an area without great mobile phone service, walkie talkies keep you in communication without worrying about reception quality or dead areas.
  3. Emergency communication: During bad weather or other potentially dangerous situations, having a reliable way to stay in contact that isn't dependant on working cell towers is essential.
  4. Wider communication: When you make a call on your mobile, you're speaking with one person. A two-way radio allows you to talk to multiple people at the same time.
  5. No phone numbers: Need to contact someone quickly? With a two-way radio, you simply tune to the correct channel, with no need to remember a phone number or make sure your contact list is updated.
  6. They're cost effective: No service contracts, no minute top-ups, no worry about needing to spend hundreds – or thousands – of pounds on the latest device.
  7. They're easy to use: Android or iPhone? Neither – with a walkie talkie, you turn to the right channel, push a button, and talk. No scrolling or worrying about downloading the right app.
  8. They're more reliable: With no delicate screen to crack – just a clear and durable LED display – and a rugged design, you can use a two-way radio wherever you need to. Models like the AM1035 are also waterproof, so they're ideal for any location.
  9. Privacy options: While using a walkie-talkie allows you to speak to anyone on the same channel, many models (including the AM1035) offer privacy codes to secure your communications.

Do I Really Need a Two-Way Radio?

If you want to be prepared with trusted, reliable communication no matter the circumstances, you need a set of two-way radios. They are an essential tool for many jobs, including security and emergency services, construction, pubs and clubs, and other workplaces where regular communication is key. But everyone can benefit from having a dependable set of walkie talkies for their next outdoor holiday, for that trip to an amusement park, or simply to stay in touch when mobile service isn't consistent. Plus, their ease of use and cost effective nature make two-way radios a smart purchase for personal or business use.