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The MR HH600 FLT GPS BTE is a floating handheld VHF radio with built-in GPS. View exact coordinates, transmit  your location, and use its Bluetooth® capabilities to keep your phone safe and dry. The added flashlight with emergency strobe ensures you can always be found.

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Cobra Advanced Technology

Built-in GPS ensures accurate location when calling for Coast Guard assistance in a time of need. Rewind-Say-Again™ allows you to record and replay the last 20 seconds of a VHF call. Dual All-Terrain Radio™ designed for land and water use.

Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra

When heading out on the water, a VHF radio is vital for communication and safety. With advanced safety features, easy menu navigation, and 24 hr access to emergency alerts and broadcasts, Cobra’s got you covered.

Built-In GPS Receiver

See your GPS coordinates on screen and automatically send your exact location with DSC calls.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Keep your phone safe and dry by making calls directly from your radio with added Bluetooth® capabilities.

Floating Design

The orange core floating design means easy retrieval if dropped overboard so you never lose your radio.


Automatically records the last 20 seconds of VHF calls so you can always play back what you missed.

Selectable Power

Select between 1, 3 and 6 watts of output power for short and long range communication

Illuminated Display

Crystal clear, illuminated display makes it easy to read your radio.

Built-In GPS Receiver

View exact coordinates on screen and send location with DSC calls


Replay the last 20 second of missed VHF calls


Make and receive phone calls while keeping you phone safe and dry

Selectable Power

Choose between 1, 3, and 6 watts for short or long communication

Floating Design

Orange core, floating design means you’ll never lose your radio

Illuminated Display

Clear, illuminated display makes reading radio information easy

What’s Included

With your Cobra MR HH600 FLT GPS BTE you’ll receive a drop-in battery charger, AC charger, DC, cahrger, LiON battery pack, antenna, belt clip, wrist strap, alkaline battery tray, and NMEA input cable.

  • Cobra MR HH600 FLT GPS BTE
  • Drop-in battery charger
  • AC charger
  • DC, charger
  • LiON battery pack
  • antenna
  • belt clip
  • wrist strap
  • alkaline battery tray
  • NMEA input cable



Weight 11.6 oz (329g.)

Height 5.71" (131mm)

Width 2.83" (72mm)

Depth 1.87" (47mm)


Bluetooth® Wireless Technology - Keep your cell phone safe and dry by pairing it to the radio.

Rewind-Say-Again® - Replay missed VHF calls.

Floating - Never lose your radio. The floating design and orange core make retrieval easy if dropped overboard.

Noise-Cancelling Microphone - Blocks background noise for clearer conversations.

6 Watt VHF - Select between 1, 3 and 6 watts for short and long range communication.

What is the range of my Cobra marine radio?

It is difficult to provide a number, because range will be affected by the following factors:

Transmit power: Higher transmit power gets better range. Transmit powers up to 25 watts are allowed.

Length of the antenna: Short antennas will get shorter range.  Long antennas will get longer range.

Height of the antenna: The higher the antenna is mounted, the better the range.

Antenna tuning: Having a properly tuned antenna will maximize your range. Checking the SWR of the antenna will identify how well your antenna is tuned to the marine band.

Atmospheric conditions: Atmospheric conditions can affect radio propagation. If conditions are just right, there are times when you can transmit 100 miles or more. On other occasions you may be limited to only 10 miles.  Although these extremes occur infrequently, it does serve to illustrate the effects of atmospheric conditions.

Your location: Your location will also influence the range. For example if you are located on an inland waterway where buildings and trees can block your signal, you will get less range than if you where in the middle of the ocean. With a handheld radio your range will vary depending on whether you are inside the cabin (worst range) or standing on the highest portion of the deck (best range).

Battery condition (handheld models):  Low batteries will cause your transmit power to drop, which will reduce your range.

The combination and severity of the above factors will determine your range. Several of these factors can change on a day-to-day basis.

If we were to eliminate all the negative effects, a properly setup mobile radio transmitting 25 watts will communicate as follows:

-A powerboat communicating to another powerboat: approximately 20 miles.

-A powerboat communicating to a well-equipped shore station: approximately 50 miles.

-On a sailboat with the antenna mounted at the top of the mast, communicating to another sailboat: approximately 40 miles.

-On a sailboat with the antenna mounted at the top of the mast, communicating to a well-equipped shore station: approximately 80 miles.

Handheld radios will communicate as follows:

-A 5 watt handheld will communicate approximately 7 miles to another handheld, or approximately 20 miles to a well-equipped shore station

-A 2 watt handheld will communicate approximately 5 miles to another handheld, or approximately 15 miles to a well-equipped shore station

What is DSC (Digital Selective Calling)?

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is a radio technology allowing enhanced distress radio messages to be sent digitally. In addition, a DSC equipped vessel with an MMSI number can make a "private" hailing call to another DSC-equipped vessel. Only the vessel being called will receive the initial contact, but the subsequent conversations will take place on an open, “working” channel, which can be monitored by any VHF equipped vessel within your broadcast range.

What is a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI)? 

Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a unique 9 digit number that is assigned to a (Digital Selective Calling) DSC radio or an AIS unit. Similar to a cell phone number, your MMSI number is your unique calling number for DSC radios or an AIS unit. The information provided when obtaining a MMSI number is transferred into the U.S. Coast Guard's national distress database for use in emergency situations.

Is there a fee to obtain an MMSI? 

MMSI numbers are free for BoatUS members or $25 for non-members. To obtain a new or change your existing MMSI#, visit:

Why should I register my VHF radio and obtain an MMSI number? 

Your VHF radio is the single most important piece of safety equipment you can have on board your vessel. By using a VHF radio with Digital Select Calling (DSC) capability, you increase your safety dramatically by taking advantage of enhanced communications options. These options link you to other vessels and rescue facilities, providing a strong, modern safety net not offered by mobile phones while in the water. 

Why is it so important to have a DSC radio with built-in GPS and/or the option to connect to an external GPS?

Having a built-in GPS in a emergency, one push of the Distress button, transmits the distress signal containing your MMSI# and location Lat/Lon information to USCG and all other DSC capable receivers within your broadcast range. Should (you) the operator become incapacitated, the radio will continue to send the mayday signal.

If your DSC radio does not have a built-in GPS, the Coast Guard urges, in the strongest terms possible, that you take the time to interconnect your DSC-equipped radio to an external GPS. Doing so may save your life in a distress situation! Here is a link to an external GPS available from Cobra

Why join Sea Tow? 

As the official VHF radio of Sea Tow, we recommend it. It is the #1 choice of boaters nationwide for boat towing and expert on-water assistance. Membership offers discounts on fuel, boating supplies, restaurants, and gives you an experienced captain standing by 24/7 in case you need help while out on the water. Joining Sea Tow will help prevent out of pocket expenses and save you valuable time in the event that you do need a tow. 

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Bernardo L.
Great service

Great service

David H.
Great handheld VHF

User friendly with all the critical features. Perfect for weekend trips to Lake Erie.

Matt D.
awesome product

Great attention to detail and great product!

larry t.


Eric B.
This is a great VHF Radio

Up front this radio is expensive but you get what you pay for. Why buy a VHF radio if you don't get everything this radio has? You push a button and have a signal put out that gives your current gps position, identifies your boat and sends a distress signal. You push a button called MOB where you have a man over board and it marks where you person went overboard. You have a button that switches you to channel 16 or push it again and it goes to channel 9. You can call ship to shore, you can call a boat on the emergency channels of any channel that boat may be on. It provides NOAA weather messages at the push of a button or can signal you that a weather alert is coming your way. All that and it floats and has a built in flashlight when it hits the water. You can send an SOS. All this in one package makes the very reason to have a VHF radio. Buy it because it works and may save your life.

Richard M.
Cobra hand held vhf

Fast shipping I haven’t used it yet but looks great! I have no doubt it will be great!

Chris R.

Works great so far, It has a lot of features I need to learn about. Pretty handy to have.

John C.
Great product

Nice form factor and feature set.

Gary H.

My new hand held radio is Fantastic!!! It wonderful to work with!!!

Jeff R.

I struggle with technology— the functionality of the MRHH600 and the manual to explain the functionality are “ in sync” which is extremely rare —- and I mean sadly extremely rare — I would buy another Cobra product in a heart beat — you got it right where most totally miss it

Best GPS + DSC Handheld for the money

This feature packed handheld is definitely the best bang for the buck!

Lowell M.
Seems to be good quality.

Seems to be good quality. Haven't been able to really use it yet..

George R.
Cobra MR HH600W

The radio has all of the bells and whistles! The bad is I can’t read the screen in sunlight, and the battery seems to only last a few hours before recharging is needed.