Marine Radio

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Cobra’s fixed-mount marine radios are an essential out on the water. Built-in GPS sends distress signals from exact locations while 24 hour access to emergency alerts keeps you informed, prepared, and aware.

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About Marine Radios

Marine radios let you send distress signals, communicate with land, call for help, tune into severe weather updates, or make announcements over a PA system. They're the ultimate lifesaving marine tool, and essential to your safety on the water.

The Fixed-mount MRF77 and handheld MRHH600 marine radios have built-in GPS so you’ll always know exactly where you are, letting you send signals with your exact location, helping the Coast Guard or other ships to reach you quickly.

With Rewind-Say-Again, channel scan, instant channel 16/9, illuminated LCD, easy menu navigation, PA speaker output, assure you will be more safe.