Commercial Solutions

All commercial industries can benefit from Cobra's industry-leading lineup of short-long range two-way radios and simple to compact equipped dash cams.

Basic & ComplexSmart Dash Cams

Cobra Smart Dashcams can be useful for your business in various industries such as transportation, delivery, logistics, etc. From single-channel to cloud-channel dashcams, they are ideal for businesses that want to keep track of their vehicles and drivers, even when they are on the road.

Value No Matter How You Drive

HD and FHD Resolutions

Get optional pixel resolutions in HD and FHD, Touchscreen display, 140° Angle View.

Parking Mode and G-Sensor

Peace of mind when leaving your vehicle parked. Our advanced dashcams protect your vehicle with G-Sensor and Parking Mode.

Cloud Management

Enables you to store all your captured footage using Cloud Management or an SD Card of up to 256GB.

Stay Connected

Camera options with built-in GPS, dual-band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth®.

Voice Control

The smart driving control makes your driving safer and more enjoyable.

Supported Operating System

With the companion Drive Smarter® app, you can even manage multiple dash cams for the vehicles in your fleet.

Basic & ComplexTwo-Way Radios

Cobra's extensive lineup of business walkie talkies ensures clear communication between teams. Whether it's inside a warehouse, retail environment, or other commercial setting, Cobra two-way radios give you crystal-clear sound, long run times, and communication privacy.

Clearly Connect

Optional Hardware Fuctions

Options with floating and waterproof (IPX7) two-way radios

Maximal Performance

From 5 km maximum performance of 12 range kilometres plus, it will keep you and your teams connected

Channel Storage

Store and scan up to 10 channels and channel/privacy code combinations.

Multiple Channel Options

Available with 8 to 16 channels, 121 privacy codes, and 1963 Privacy Combinations, to secure your conversations

Compact and Lightweight

Perfect size and lightweight of each will not interfere with your work

Longer Battery Life

Equipped with a rechargeable NiMH battery and Battery Audible Alert to keep your team prepared

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