Commercial Solutions

All commercial industries can benefit from Cobra's industry-leading lineup of professional-grade CB and two-way radios, power inverters, and dash cams.

Smart Dash Cams

Help keep your employees and your vehicles protected while on the road with Cobra smart dash cams. With options including front and rear cameras and in-cabin recording, you can capture, store, and share videos with ease. Dash cam videos can even be used as evidence for insurance claims, in many cases. Plus, studies show that having a camera inside a work vehicle helps drivers to be more aware and alert.

If you have multiple vehicles and dash cams, our companion Drive Smarter® app can help you manage your fleet. Cobra dash cams give you the benefit of built-in GPS, dual-band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® connections. An SD card is also included.

Two-Way Radios

Cobra's extensive lineup of business walkie talkies ensures clear communication between teams. Whether it's inside a warehouse, retail environment, or other commercial setting, Cobra two-way radios give you crystal-clear sound, long run times, and communication privacy.

Easy to use and durable for the most demanding conditions, you'll find the right commercial two-way radios to meet your needs for years to come.

Marine Radios

Safe Communication On The Water

Cobra's marine radios for boats are essential out on the water. Built-in GPS sends distress signals from your exact location, while 24-hour access to emergency alerts and NOAA weather broadcasts keep you informed, prepared, and aware. Whether you choose a handheld or a fixed-mount option, Cobra has marine radios for sale to help you be ready for the unexpected.