Drive Smarter®

Cobra SC smart dash cams are compatible with the Drive Smarter® app, enabling a number of easy-to-use safety and security features, heads-up navigation, automatic Mayday notifications, and cloud video management. 


Cobra SC dash cams protect you from life's blindspots with advanced technology that is ready for anything that happens on the road. Offering a range of video resolutions, from Full HD 1080P to stunning 4K, and advanced safety and security features like heads-up navigation, live police alerts, and Mayday Alert, there's a Cobra SC dash cam for every type of driver and vehicle.

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Integrated Driver Alerts

Drive Smarter® is is powered by our advanced hardware and software to provide access to red light and speed cameras locations. Families, rideshare and delivery drivers, and businesses are all a part of our network of people who aim to drive smarter.

Hands-Free Voice Control

SC 200/D EU and SC400/D EU smart dash cams allow you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel with integrated voice commands. Take photos, lock videos, turn the screen on or off, and more all with just your voice. 

Peace of Mind for the Road Ahead

The SC 100 smart dash cam ensures safety, security, and peace of mind at an affordable price. With 1080P resolution, built-in GPS, dual-band WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity plus advanced features and cloud video management, you’ll be prepared and protected from the unexpected. 

Mayday Alert & Advanced Safety Features

In the event of a severe impact or accident, all SC series smart dash cams will automatically back up the video recording and after a specific time period, send a Mayday text message alert to an emergency contact that you designate. 

Parking Mode & Advanced Security Features

When plugged in via a hardwire kit, the SC series dash cams will monitor for G-Sensor impacts such as bumps or collisions and will automatically record and save video footage as long as the sensor detects activity. 

Alexa Is Always
Ready To Help

The SC 400D EU features built-in Alexa virtual assistant technology. From playing music to navigating to finding restaurants, Alexa is ready to help answer any question or request while you're on the road.