Cobra SC 201

Dual-View Smart Dash Cam with Built-In Cabin View

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The SC 201 smart dash cam is perfect for the driver who wants to record and monitor both the front-view and interior cabin-view of the vehicle. With infrared cabin night vision, you'll get interior and exterior security, day or night.

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Cobra SC 201

Dual-View Smart Dash Cam with Built-In Cabin View

Regular price €199,95 €179,95
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Bundle with 2.5A Micro USB SC Series

€229,90 €205,90

2.5A Micro USB Hardwire Kit enables more features such as Parking Mode and Motion Detection to help keep your vehicle safe, Intelligent power management with over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature, and low battery voltage protection.

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Dual-view camera with Full HD video, emergency Mayday alert, cloud video management and real-time driver alerts.

1Full HD (1080P)

Set up your SC 201 dash cam to record the road and the cabin interior in Full HD (1080P) resolution.

2Front and Cabin View

Built-in cameras facing the front and the cabin interior provide dual-view capability in one device.

3Infrared Cabin Night Vision

When it's dark out, you'll still get crystal-clear interior footage with the infrared cabin night vision.

42" LCD Screen

See what your dash cam is recording and access the camera menu and settings on the 2" LCD screen.

5Drive Smarter® App

The Drive Smarter® app connects with the real-time road alerts.

616 GB SD Card Included

An included 16 GB SD Card ensures you can be ready to record from the moment you open the box.



Continuous loop recording, emergency Mayday alert, Parking Mode, and Motion Sensing ensure maximum protection

Advanced Driver Assistance

Lane departure and forward collision warnings let you know if you’re drifting or quickly approaching an object

Extreme Temperature Protection

Supercapacitor technology allows Cobra SC smart dash cams to withstand the most frigid cold and intense heat

Dual Band Wi-Fi Connectivity

Ensure a flawless connection to the cloud and receive automatic software updates and alerts via dual-band Wi-Fi

Cloud Video Management

Instantly store, edit and share footage from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and instant access to your videos

Real-Time Driver Alerts

Get notifications of red light and speed camera locations and real-time shared alerts

Drive Smarter®

With the Drive Smarter® app and Cobra SC smart dash cams, get the peace of mind you need on the road. From real-time driver alerts to advanced safety and security features, you'll always have an extra set of eyes on the road watching out for you.

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Cloud Video Management

Easily view, edit, and share videos from your smartphone. Manage your footage from an intuitive timeline of recordings.

Safety & Security Features

Multiple safety and security features provide peace of mind, including live view, emergency video protection, and vehicle security.

Real-time Driver Alerts

Get notifications of red light and speed camera locations and real-time shared alerts.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Receive real-time and shared alerts for red light camera locations, speed zones, road conditions, and other relevant notifications to make you a smarter driver.


SC 100

SC 100

SC 201

SC 201

SC 200

SC 200

SC 200D

SC 200D

Resolution 1080P 1080P 1600P 1600P
Views Single-View Front and Cabin-View Configurable Front and Rear-View
2" LCD 3" LCD 3" LCD
Includes SD Card 8 GB 16 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Real-Time Alerts with Drive Smarter® App
Built-in GPS
Dual Band Wi-Fi
Bluetooth Connectivity
Emergency Video
Mayday Alert
Incident Reports
Cloud Video Management
Parking Mode & Motion Sensing Security
Advanced Driver Assistance System
Enhanced Night Vision
Includes IR Interior Camera
Includes Rear-View Camera
Voice Commands
Compatible with Accessory Cameras


Drive smarter and safer with Cobra products and solutions. Discover how Cobra smart dash cams provide safety and security features, including emergency video, incident reports, and Mayday alerts.


Included with your SC 201 EU smart dash cam:

  • 16GB MicroSD card
  • Adhesive mount
  • Vehicle charger
  • Micro USB data cable

Ensure the camera is connected to a constant power source during the update process. Failure to do so could result in your unit becoming non-functional. Your vehicles cigarette lighter socket or a household outlet work best

Using the Drive Smarter App
  • • Power up your camera by connecting to constant power source such as your vehicles CLA adapter or a household outlet.
  • • When you Connect your camera, the app will check if a newer firmware update is available on the server.
  • • Press ‘Download’ on the notification to download the latest Firmware.
  • • Follow the instructions on the Drive Smarter Mobile Application. If successful, the camera’s LED’s will begin blinking while the firmware is being installed.
  • • To check that the Firmware update was successful, you can check the ‘About’ screen in your camera’s settings menu

Using a Mac or PC For optimal performance, check periodically for software updates.

SC 201 Firmware Update v1.42

  • • Connect the Dash Cam to your computer using the included USB to Micro-USB cable.
  • • The camera will be listed in Windows Explorer/Finder.
  • • Download the update file for your model and save it to your computer. It will end with “.bin” as the file extension. Note: You do not need to double click or open this file on the computer.
  • • Copy/paste or drag the update file you downloaded .bin file into the root directory of the Camera’s SD Card.
  • • Wait for the file to transfer and then safely disconnect the Dash Cam from the computer. The Dash Cam will turn off.
  • • Plug the Micro USB cord into a reliable power source such as your home’s outlet or your vehicle’s CLA adapter. The Dash Cam will turn on and automatically boot into the Firmware Update Menu.
  • • Follow the directions on the camera display to update firmware if the unit has one. Units without displays will update automatically.
  • • You can check if your camera is up to date by checking the firmware in your camera’s ‘About’ setting submenu.

Item # SC201-EU


Unit Dimensions:

4.21” H x 1.72” W x 1.85” D(106.9mm H x 43.6mm W x 47.01mm D)

Individual Box Dimensions:

7.36” H x 4.92” W x 2.60” D(187mm H x 125mm W x 66mm D)

Individual Box Weight:

.94 lbs (428 g.)

Model: SC201

Master Pack Qty. 4

Master Pack Dimension 11.42” H x 8.11” W x 5.79” D (290mm H x 206mm W x 147mm D)

Master Pack Weight: 4.11 lbs. (1862 g.)

UPC # 028377 10795 5

Master Pack Barcode 1 00 28377 10795 2

Is my camera compatible with Drive Smarter?

Only Cobra's SC Series cameras (SC100, SC201, and SC200/200D) are compatible. Drive Smarter does not support legacy Cobra dash cameras (DASH Series, CDR Series) at this time.


Do I need to pay for Drive Smarter?

No, Drive Smarter is a free service provided to users of our SC Series cameras.


Why am I having trouble connecting the Camera in Drive Smarter?

You may have previously established a Bluetooth connection with the camera. If this is the case, please go into your phones OS Bluetooth menu and 'Unpair' your camera from your phone.


How can I use the MayDay feature?

Simply enable the G-Sensor and Mayday setting on your camera, andenter your Emergency Contact info into Drive Smarter. From there, Drive Smarter and the Dash camera will take care of the rest. If the camera detects that you have been in a serious collision (Level 5 G sensor event) it will automatically lock the latest recording and notify your emergency contact. 


How do I connect my camera via WiFi?

You do not need to manually establish a WiFi connection to your Dash Cam. Drive Smarter uses Bluetooth to automatically manage connection types depending on which feature you are using within the app. If you are using a feature that requires WiFi, the app will walk you through establishing a a Bluetooth connection. Note: Older Android Operating systems (Android 6, 7, and 8)  may prompt the user to exit the app and connect via the OS WiFi menu.

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Great For Teens and New Drivers

This is a great option to help guide new teenage drivers and ensure they are following the rules of the road. Also great to have if there is ever an accident to alleviate any question on who was at fault.

Brock F.
Initial Impressions: Great!

So far, I'm really impressed with the SC 201. This was my first dash cam purchase, so I spent some time looking at several different models. But for the price, quality, and features this one offered, this was the best deal for me. First, the quality of this unit feels really nice; I feel like this is going to hold up over time. Second, the video quality, both for the front and cabin-facing cameras is really good. I'm excited to play around with the features and software a bit more, but so far so good. Note: I've only just started using this unit, so these are my initial impressions; I will update this review after I've had some time to really play around with all the features.

Denise O.
Great dash cam. Install was

Great dash cam. Install was easy, and app works great and has some nice features. Picture clarity is great. I’m a big fan!

Alex M.
I love how slick and

I love how slick and easy the app is to use. I am special with technology, so if I can use it, I'd think anyone could. As a mom, I love the peace of mind it brings being able to keep my eyes on everyone and everything. It looks great in my car too, which is a bonus.

Julia D.
Product lives up to its

Product lives up to its name. Cobra offers the best products in the marketplace.

Bruce M.
Good dash cam for my travels

Amazing video quality, picture is very clear and crisp. Screen goes on standby mode after a few minutes but it keeps recording. Not real huge on windshield so it doesn't block my view. The app can be a bit wonky, but if you sign out and login again it usually fixes the problem. Overall, really happy with my purchase.

Laurie G.

LOVE THIS DASH CAM!! It has been so useful to us! Because we live in a highly populated area, the Cobra has made us feel safer and protected. It is a high quality item and super easy to install! I highly recommend it for everyone! Especially those new teen age drivers!

Bill C.

I am a first-time dash-cam owner. I did some research before deciding that this model was the best value for me. Just got the dash camera delivered this past week, and it did not disappoint. It's got amazing video and is easy to set up. Tons of settings I have not used yet. It works well right out of the box. The large display size is a plus. So far I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Christy R.
Great Product!

Love the front and interior camera feature especially that it comes with the night vision for inside the car.

Tom R.
SC 201

Was an easy install...great features on the mobile app...driving with alot more awareness and focus on all the alerts.

Jerrell S.


Saul S.

Still learning it but like what I've seen so far