How Does the Cobra SC 400D Compare?

Experts from PCWorld have given the Cobra SC 400D a 4.5 star rating, and it’s easy to see what makes the newest Cobra dash cam stand out amongst the rest.


Outstanding Features

Here are some of PCWorld’s review highlights of their favorite features in this smart dash cam. Visit the link above to read their full review of the Cobra SC 400D.



The SC 400D is a stylish dash cam. With its gunmetal gray color, it differs from most all other dash cameras. It also has substance to it, so you don’t feel like you’re holding a lightweight, fragile product. Its adhesive sticky mount with magnetic attachment for the main camera means that it can be easily installed and removed with minimal effort.




Want great quality video content? The SC 400D has an Ultra HD 4k video resolution front camera with a wide140-degree field of view, while the rear camera offers 120 degree field of view in Full HD 1080p.

"The color is nicely balanced and the level of detail is simply exquisite."- PCWorld




When you want to stay connected, what more can a smart dash cam offer? With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the companion Drive Smarter app, and Alexa capabilities, as long as you’re connected to your phone, the world is at your fingertips. The Drive Smarter app provides automatic software updates, red light and speed camera warnings, and a driving community that shares radar and laser signal alerts from connected radar detectors, so you can be prepared for anything on the road that lies ahead.



What Else Makes the SC 400D a Great Choice for Drivers?

The best tech in an easy-to-use dash cam with loads of features and the ability to add on a third cabin-view accessory camera (in addition to the main front-facing dash camera and rear-view accessory camera) is what makes this smart dash cam stand out. Covering all angles of your drive with the ability to record the road ahead, behind, and inside a vehicle simultaneously gives you ultimate coverage in the event of an accident. You’ll be able to share your story of exactly how an event unfolded with high-quality footage to back you up, regardless of whether it’s night or day. Vivid screen captures also make this camera an excellent choice to document upcoming road trips.



Another aspect that stands out in the SC 400D is its touchscreen controls and voice commands. For those who want a more hands-on approach or for those who prefer to keep their hands on the wheel, you have both options when setting up and using this dash cam. Voice commands allow you to take photos or lock videos, and the integrated Alexa capability means you can ask Alexa any question you’d normally ask.

If you’re looking for the newest in dash cam technology to help you drive smarter and safer, the SC 400D is proving to be an exceptional option.