Navigate with the SC 201 Dash Cam

Driving smarter has never been easier or more convenient than with the SC 201 dash cam with GPS and heads-up navigation from Cobra. When paired with the Drive Smarter app, the SC 201 not only provides the real-time alerts you need for driving safely, but also gives you turn-by-turn navigation on your phone and a heads-up display on the camera screen. Now you can plan your route, see real-time traffic and alerts, and use the camera screen for a distraction-free view of the upcoming maneuver, all on this convenient dash cam with navigation.

Note: Current SC 201 dash cam users can receive the new navigation feature by updating their camera firmware using the Drive Smarter App!



What Features Are Included?


The SC 201 dash cam is packed with many of the features you'll see in our other popular models, plus the extra benefit of trip planning and a heads-up navigation display. It's small and simple to install, with an SD card included. Other must-have features include the following:


  • High-resolution Full HD (1080p) video
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Front and interior camera views
  • Cloud video management
  • Infrared LED cabin night vision
  • Parking mode & motion sensing security
  • Emergency Mayday notification
  • Incident reports


What makes the SC 201 stand out – not just from other Cobra dash cams but from other products on the market – is the combination of trip planning, real-time driver alerts, and heads-up navigation. To drive smarter and safer, you need to be aware and alert, and keep your eyes on the road ahead instead of on your cell phone. When the SC 201 is paired with the Drive Smarter app and the heads-up display is used, you'll receive both a navigation voice announcement and visible directions for your next maneuver right on the camera screen. You can also set up location-based voice alerts to keep you informed about red light cameras and police activity along your route. Having a dash cam with navigation built in keeps your focus on the road ahead rather than worrying about your next turn.


How Does a Dash Cam with Navigation Work?


The SC 201 is a dash cam with GPS built in, so the camera knows your location. Using the Drive Smarter app, you can enter your destination (using a keyword, full or partial address, or a point of interest) before you leave home. Once you've selected your destination, you'll be shown your route options and be given the ability to view the full route details. You can also adjust the settings, allowing you to avoid toll roads or highways, for example.

During your drive, the Drive Smarter app will display your route with the next maneuver shown at the top of the screen and a voice announcement letting you know what that next step will be. The next maneuver will also be shown on the screen of the dash cam with navigation turned on. Any live police alerts like radar speed zones or speed camera locations will only be shown on the phone app; however, a voice alert will let you know if they are along your route. The Drive Smarter app also provides options during your drive, including traffic updates, detours, and more. Note that you can turn off the heads-up display on the dash cam; voice announcements and alerts can also be disabled.



The heads-up display on the SC 201 dash cam with navigation lets you drive safer and with more confidence. You'll always be aware of what's coming up on your drive, whether that's a turn you need to make, a police speed trap, or another alert – all without needing to look at your phone or take your eyes off the road. With Cobra products, you'll drive safer, and drive smarter.